Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well , I'm Azrael


  1. mohammad;you are azrael and i,m jebreil.we are play football;Satan Request of us that i can play with you and i tel to him no you are satan our god Throw out you .suddenly satan be angry and he take fire and come to us and he fire our ball;we with cry to go to god an you tel to god that satan Tease us.ones i wake up and i am coming to your blog and looking that you put the new work to your blog and i put the comment for you:very nice

  2. Hi mohammad.
    I am very happy now,because i am looking your blog and your good Illustrations.I am hope that look your new Illustratios in future.

  3. hi !!!! how are you my friend ? how's everything ? it's a pleasure to see you in my blog . thanks a million for your message . give my regards to entourage and thanks for everything ;-D

  4. hi mohammad!i,m saeid sheykh!
    do you remember me? soldier time!
    your graphics are very nice.good luck